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Summer is about to be over and the chilly nights in the B.V.I  are about to start, as well as the rest of the world, SO after much comments about my Beenie hats, or Tams or Berets what ever your lingo I figure lets do a post about it.
Very Simple…. gone are the days when wearing a hat or scarf was to cover a dirty, dingy, “I am having one hell of a bad hair day”. Its become muy fashionable. I personally have been wearing theses knitted hats for 7 plus years (since I had my locs) and then all of a dozen they is trend…hmm who’da thunk it.
Dont mind me being super duper excited I am actually going out…IN THE NIGHT, by myself, as an adult….. by myself meaning without the baby…. This is what my hair looks like so I don’t have much variety of hairstyles…

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