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Fine Artist, entrepreneur, beauty consumer and expert ( I've been using cosmetics & beauty products for twenty five years), I am also a writing working on varied novels. Busy. Former New Yorker living in North Carolina.

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Zulma Emilse Mimi Brooks

Beautiful Genius Realist Muse of Creativity & Common Sense


My nick name is "Mimi" full name is Zulma Emilse Brooks I prefer to be called "Mz. Mimi" & I own a children's lifestyle company called Mico Toy & Co.

I'm 43, Single, Black and Puerto rican American originally from Harlem, NYC, now live in North Carolina.

I love all manner of Puerto Rican cooking & Bustello Coffee. My zodiac sign is Taurus.

A lover of life, non denominational Christian, I love most animals, good clean fun, hate bugs, love reptiles.

Celebrity crushes are:

Henry Cavill, Anson Mount, Matt Bohmer, Shemar Moore, Gerard Butler, Laz Alanzo & Lenny Kravitz

Favorite Foods: Puerto Rican, Italian, Southern American & Chinese

Favorite Dessert: PB& J Sandwich, Cherry Cheesecake & Cookies & Cream ice cream w/ whip cream & caramel sauce

Personal Style: Casual

Favorite Music: House, Club, Dubstep, Old School R& B, Smooth Jazz, & Salsa

Favorite Color: Varied Shades of Pink

I am an accomplished fine artist, Fashion school drop out, have an associates degree in Hotel & Restaurant management, working on my business,

I'm pretty down to earth, straight forward, rough and excuse my language but as a Harlem girl born in raised in the fashion capital of the world, i don't take any shit. I have 27 yrs retail sales experience ( includes Canal St. Jeans, Bloomingdales, Delia's) the experience of dressing myself, even my mother and advising friends of varied body types.

I'm in need of a small investment just to market my kids clothing website, I've tried crowdfunding but my friends are broke and my family is poor so, if there are any willing financial angels or you know of someone who can lean a hand, I'd appreciate that. I have a business plan for the long term growth of my children's lifestyle brand, if you'd like, email me and i will send a non disclousure agreement along with it.

Although I own a toy and lifestyle company for kids, Ironically, I don't have any but you don't need any to show love for humanity an innocence.

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